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Result-Focused Coaching

By Atip Muangsuwan

Why do most of my clients get their results very quickly? Like a magic! They get the results they want just after one or two sessions of my coaching.

One secret is… I focus my coaching conversations on the results my clients want. That’s it! As simple as that!

After building rapport with my clients, I would ask them about their desired outcome or results from our coaching conversations. Then, I would help them explore their current issues, problems, dilemmas or challenges. While helping them explore, my questions would propel or gear the conversation towards their goal or their vision of success.   

Asking the right questions to their goal would shorten the coaching time or make the coaching session more efficient. I’ve coached my clients to get their results within 15-20 minutes! My clients could get the results they want or the decisions they want to make within that relatively short time. One outstanding example is… I coached a Chairman of the Board of one company on his decision-making dilemma. It took me only 20 minutes to help him make his business decision faster and better with more clarity and confidence. He told me he’s very pleased with the result of his decision.

Another secret is… I focus my coaching conversations on the vision, strategies and planning more than the details, problems and dramas of my clients.

I also focus my coaching conversations on the future possibilities rather than my clients’ past problems or dramas.

In addition to that, I focus my coaching on my clients’ core strengths rather than their weaknesses. I work with my clients to apply their core strengths in pursuing their vision of success and the results they’re after.

Do you want results? If you want results, you must focus on getting results. It’s as simple as that!