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Quiet Leadership

By Atip Muangsuwan

“Executive and leadership coaches are the leaders behind the great leaders.” Do you think it’s a valid statement?

Back in the ancient times, the emperors had their personal coaches to help them with their thinking, thoughts and strategies to rule their kingdoms and to win their wars or battles.

At the present time, the country presidents, prime ministers and political leaders have their coaches to help them with their thinking, thoughts and strategies to develop their countries and people’s quality of life.

The CEOs, business leaders and entrepreneurs like… Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, Oprah Winfrey and many more also use personal coaches to help them advance their businesses and make differences to many people’s lives.

So, the Executive and leadership coaches are just like… the leaders who are quiet, who are behind the scenes and successes of the great leaders. Other people cannot see what the coaches are doing and cannot hear what they’re saying.

The Executive and leadership coaches possess the quiet leadership skill and quality!

In Thai, there is a proverb that says… “Pid Tong Lung Phra”. The direct translation is that… you put the gold leaf at the back of Buddha statue. That means… you do good deeds without letting other people know about them.

I am an Executive and Leadership coach who loves to make a difference to many people’s lives thru the great leaders and executives. I’m the man behind the great men and women who utilize their leadership to contribute to the world.

That’s why I have a great passion and professional pride in my job. The job that not many people know much about. The job that is behind the scene, behind the great someone; but it’s the job that can make a big difference to many people’s lives and well-beings.

This job’s role is… “Quiet Leadership”.