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Miracle of Coaching

By Atip Muangsuwan

Miracle of Coaching

“Miracle is about… making the impossible possible.” – Atip Muangsuwan, The Best Coach International

One of my executive clients who is a team leader of sales executives came to me with her coaching topic: “How can I regain my self-confidence and even self-esteem after repeated failure?”

We explored her problem thru our coaching conversation. Then, she shared with me that her self-confidence and even her self-esteem are deteriorating due to her trainees’ failure.

I helped her explore into her problem further. She said she had to train and mentor the sales executive trainees in the sales work and one of her key job responsibilities is to help the trainees pass the probation.

And she added that lately she failed miserably because most of her trainees didn’t pass the probation. They didn’t reach the sales target within a set period of time.

One of my “powerful” questions to her was that… “What are the major contributors to that failure?”

She replied, “The stress and pressure from work and perhaps the learning styles of my trainees.”

Then, I worked with her on how to deal with her own stress and pressure and also her trainees’. After a while, she told me that she got the Aha moment!

Next, I shared and worked with her on the human’s learning styles; i.e. VAK. They’re Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic. Each of us has different learning styles. Someone is good at using their visual learning style like reading, watching and seeing. Someone is good at audio learning style. They learn from listening. And some other people might be good at kinesthetic learning style. They like physical or hand-on activities; i.e. touching, making, doing and taking action.

To make a long story short, my client and I came up with strategies and action steps from the rest of our coaching conversation. And towards the end of our session, I asked her to share her key insights with me.

Her key insights are highlighted as follows:

  1. Use Eisenhower drawer’s technique for dealing with stress or emotional issues for herself and also her trainees.
  2. Change your emotional state and you can change your life.
  3. Be the change you want to see in people.
  4. Focus on the process, not results. This can help detach your stress and pressure from disappointing results.
  5. Train the trainees based on their learning styles (VAK) rather than our own learning styles.
  6. Do my best and give my all in training the trainees and try to maximize their potential.

Just about two weeks after the first coaching session, we had a follow-up coaching session. This executive client shared the miraculous news with me that… one of her trainees could pass the probation within only 12 days which sets the new record for the shortest probation period ever! Her trainee could hit the sales target within only 12 days which no one has ever done it before!

And now my executive client could regain her self-confidence and also her self-esteem because of this miraculous success!

So, I asked her what had contributed to this miraculous success! She said, “Your coaching!” 😊

My own insight from this coaching session is that… “Coaching can do the miracle because coaching can make the impossible possible.”

If you want to experience the miracle of coaching like this client of mine did, you can get in touch with me via my homepage for a discovery session @ Home – The Best Coach International (thebest-coach-international.com)