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Miracle of Coaching II

By Atip Muangsuwan

“If you want to see a miracle, be the miracle.” – Morgan Freeman, American actor, director, producer and narrator.

One of my female executive clients came to me with her coaching topic: “How can I get promoted when my boss doesn’t even like me?”

We explored her career aspirations thru our coaching conversation. She shared with me that she really wanted to grow in her career path; however, her direct boss didn’t like her that much. Her direct boss always felt intimidated by my client’s competencies and skills in her job. Her direct boss always considered my client as his rival.

So, I helped my client explore into her professional challenge more deeply by using coach Atip’s Transformational Coaching Model. I also shared this coaching model and the core principles behind it with her.

She seemed to understand my transformational coaching model very well and she was very willing to apply my coaching model into her own life both professional and personal life.

3 months later, the miracle happened! She excitedly informed me that she got a big job promotion. She got promoted into the same job title and position as her boss. So, I asked her to share the key success factors that helped her get promoted this time.

She said to me that… “Coach Atip is one of the key success factors! Coach Atip is the ‘miracle coach’ behind my success!”

I was flattered by her response.

However, I continued… “What are the other key success factors besides coach Atip?”

She said, “It’s your own invented transformational coaching model. It has helped me get totally transformed!”

I curiously continued… “How could my coaching and my coaching model specifically help you?”

She willingly elaborated, “They’ve made me become more mindful, more self-aware and be my authentic self. Before we met, I used to suppress myself and try to keep low profile because I didn’t want my boss to feel intimidated by me and my outstanding performance. However, after we met and we had coaching sessions for just 3 months, I’ve totally been transformed. I can be my true-self at work and at home. My relationship with the people at work and at home has tremendously been improved and enhanced by your coaching. And I’m now a lot happier than before!”

She also added, “Coach Atip, please feel free to share with others my story as a real-life example of total transformation in both professional and personal lives. And I’m really grateful to you and to your coaching in my transformation.”

My reflected insight from this client’s story is that… “Be the miracle for someone by helping them get their lives transformed.”

If you want to experience the miracle of coaching in your personal and professional lives like this client of mine did, you can get in touch with me via my homepage for a discovery session @ Home – The Best Coach International (thebest-coach-international.com)

To your transformation,

Coach Atip