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Life Compass

By Atip Muangsuwan

What is your life compass?

The ships in the ocean need the compass to navigate them to the right direction and reach their right destinations. You need the compass when you do your hiking or trekking in the jungle; otherwise, you’ll get lost. Likewise, in life, we also need the compass to navigate our lives to reach our right destinations. And what is our “life compass”?

“Our Topmost Values” are our “life compass”. The definition of value is… “one’s judgment of what is important in life.” We need to realize that the direction of our lives is controlled by our topmost values. We make decisions based on our topmost values. So, when we change our topmost values, we’ll change our decisions and we’ll change the courses of our lives. Ultimately, we will change our destiny or our future.

So, whenever I coach my clients on their decision-making dilemma, I always ask them to review and reflect on their topmost values. Then, use these values to help them make their own decisions. If they have crystal-clear topmost values, then they will have crystal-clear decisions for themselves.

However, in some clients, when they have conflicting topmost values, they will find it very difficult to make clear decisions in their life or business issues. If they can get clear on their topmost values and no conflict among them, that’s when they can make clear decisions with confidence.

Recently, I’ve just coached an executive who had a decision-making dilemma. His dilemma is… “Should I take the franchise business opportunity?”

I spent only 15-20 minutes coaching this client to be able to come up with his crystal-clear decision. You can view this coaching session VDO clip from my website at the homepage. This coaching conversation was allowed by the client to be shared with public.

The coaching conversation was focused on his topmost values. I helped him to review and reflect on his topmost values. Then, use them to help him make his decision with more clarity and confidence.

So far, I’ve helped many leaders, executives, business owners and celebrities make their decisions better and faster with more clarity and confidence.

“Our topmost values are our life compass which helps determine our decisions and ultimately, our destiny!”

So, what are your topmost values? Can you share with me?