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Life and Death Decision

By Atip Muangsuwan

Have you ever heard that, “Your decision can determine between your life and death”? This is the power of your decision. It can move the mountains, change the courses of your life and determine your future and destiny. Believe it or not!

Let me share a story with you. I had an opportunity to coach an executive from overseas thru Zoom meeting application. His dilemma was about the decision that he was going to make regarding the lockdown relaxation of the government during Christmas celebration.

He wanted to know whether he should celebrate the Christmas with his family and friends as he usually did every year. Or he should skip it for this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He brought this dilemma to my coaching session around the end of November 2020. He told me that celebrating Christmas is so important to him, his family and friends. Most if not all people in his country love to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. This is because it’s the long tradition of the country and its people. It’s really a “must” to celebrate. Christmas is like the soul and spirit of his country and its people.

I began my coaching conversation with him and then asked him the powerful questions around his values. At the end of our coaching session, we came to a conclusion that… “Celebrating Christmas is undeniably important, but his health, his loved ones’ and other people’s health and safety are much more important.”

He said he doesn’t want to put his, his loved ones’ and other people’s health at risk. And we came up with some alternatives like… sending Christmas gifts via delivery service and using Zoom meeting application to conduct and celebrate “virtual Christmas” instead of face-to-face celebration.

He told me that this is the most sensible and responsible decision that he’s going to make for his own, his loved ones’ and other people’s health and safety as a whole.

A follow-up Session

In February 2021, I had another session with this executive. So, I followed up with him about the Covid-19 situation in his country and he said…

He was so happy that he made the right decision NOT to celebrate Christmas with his family and friends “face-to-face” although his government allowed that to happen by relaxing the lockdown period over Christmas.

He said, “Thank you so much Atip for helping me make the right decision. Otherwise, I might have made the wrong decision and jeopardized my health and even my life including my family’s and other people’s health and lives.

The daily new cases and new deaths statistics in January 2021 really showed very high to highest numbers as a result of relaxing the lockdown over Christmas. So, thank you for saving my life and my loved ones’ lives as well.”

You can see from this case that… one decision can determine between life and death. So, make the right one!

As a coach, “I help leaders, executives, business owners and celebrities make their decisions better and faster with more clarity and confidence.”

“Decision is power and it can determine between your life and death. So, make the right one!”