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Indecisiveness causing anxiety, stress and affecting your progress towards success

By Atip Muangsuwan

Jim Rohn, a self-made millionaire, author, motivational speaker and Anthony Robbins’s mentor once said, “You cannot make progress without making decisions.”

There was an executive client who brought his indecisiveness dilemma into my coaching session.

His dilemma was… He wanted to hire a chef for his new restaurant which he planned to open in the next 4-5 months. He wanted to hire the chef now rather than waiting until his restaurant’s official opening in the next 4-5 months. However, each and every one of his close friends recommended that he waits until the restaurant is officially open so that he could save his spending on the chef’s salary for up to 4-5 months. “Why hire the Chef now… when the restaurant is not open yet?” That’s the big question that all of his close friends need the answer from him.

This big question caused him some worries and anxiety to move forward with his plan because deep in his mind, he really wanted to hire the chef now but he just didn’t know why.

So, I used my coaching process to help him explore more deeply into the story. All of a sudden, his Aha moment came up when we found out the information as follows:

  1. The chef can’t wait for the next 4-5 months to start working. There are other job offers from other restaurant owners made to him, too.
  2. My client plans to organize a series of food tasting and menu creation workshops with the chef before the opening of the restaurant.
  3. My client will need this chef to help establish the kitchen layout, infrastructure and system.
  4. My client will also need this chef to help out on the purchasing of kitchen utensils, kitchenware, table utensils and table sets.
  5. So, this is just like my client will outsource the kitchen manager role to this chef and this will save a lot of my client’s time and energy putting into this restaurant business.

Then, I asked him… “Can you make your decision on your dilemma now?”

He said, “Absolutely! I should hire the chef now rather than waiting until my restaurant is open as my close friends suggested.”

Then, I asked him what he had learned from our coaching conversation. He said, now he can make his decision with more clarity and confidence.

Next, I asked what would be the action steps he could take after our coaching session. He replied the followings:

  1. Sign the hiring contract with the chef.
  2. In that contract, I should attach his scope of work including my expectation list.
  3. Then, schedule the workshops with him on food tasting and menu creation.

At the end of our session, he said thank you so much to me for helping him make the crystal-clear decision and make progress on his restaurant business.

And my own insight from the coaching conversation is that…

“Don’t let your friends or someone else make decisions for you because they are NOT YOU!”