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How to motivate people fully

By Atip Muangsuwan

Why is being able to motivate people so important for being executives and leaders?

This is because executives and leaders usually don’t do the work by themselves. They get their work done thru their people. They can achieve their KPIs or OKRs thru their people.

And one of the executives and leaders’ key roles and responsibilities is to… motivate their people or workforce to do the work according to their roles and responsibilities. It’s as straightforward as that!

And how to motivate people fully? 

As a coach, I would like to recommend using Satir Iceberg Model for motivating people. Because we can understand people in a deeper level that… why they do what they do. What is underneath their behaviors or their actions. What drives those behaviors and actions leading to consequences either good or bad.

When I coach my clients, I usually ask questions to help them explore their feelings, feelings about feelings, perceptions such as their beliefs, values, their assumptions and their subjective reality. Then, explore deeper down to their expectations and their yearnings (their true desires). This exploration process could go further down to the deepest level which is their “being” or “self”.

As a coach, when I help my clients become aware of their feelings, perceptions, expectations, yearnings and being, this is where their real self-motivation takes place. My clients can motivate themselves to follow thru with emerged strategies, to take action, to make changes in their lives and to achieve their goals, missions and visions.

Similarly, as executives, leaders, CEOs and managers, you can also motivate your people or your staff by understanding their personal iceberg model.

If you know what their values, their expectations and their yearnings are and you can accommodate or facilitate those to happen for them, undoubtedly, you can fully motivate them to deliver the work or tasks you want from them. And they will deliver at their best!

I believe that…the coaching process I use to motivate and empower my clients to achieve their goals can be used by executives and leaders to fully motivate their people as well.

“This is because when your people’s needs are met, your needs will be met also.”