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From Great Resignation to Quiet Quitting to Loud Layoffs: How Can Coaching Help Solve These Issues for Organizations?

By Atip Muangsuwan

Coaching offers a Win-Win Solution for Organizations and Employees.

“Coaching offers a Win-Win Solution for Organizations and Employees.”   – Coach Atip Muangsuwan

The year 2022 was marked by unprecedented changes in the world of work. Millions of people decided to quit their jobs voluntarily, either in search of better opportunities, more flexibility, or more meaning. This phenomenon was dubbed as the “Great Resignation”, and it reflected a shift in workers’ priorities and expectations after the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, not everyone who wanted to leave their jobs actually did so. Some workers chose to stay put but reduced their effort and engagement to the bare minimum. This practice was called, “Quiet Quitting”, and it was a way of coping with burnout, dissatisfaction, or resentment. Quiet quitters were still employed but mentally checked out, doing only what was required and nothing more.

On the other hand, some workers who wanted to keep their jobs faced an unpleasant surprise: they were laid off by their employers. This happened especially in the tech sector, where several companies announced massive cuts to their workforce to streamline their operations or focus on new strategies. These events were termed as, “Loud Layoffs”, and they created shockwaves across the industry and beyond.

All these trends have created challenges for both workers and employers. Workers have to deal with uncertainty, stress, anxiety, or loss of income. Employers have to deal with talent shortages, productivity declines, morale issues, or reputation damage.

How can coaching help solve these issues for organizations?


Coaching is a process of facilitating learning and development through dialogue, co-creation, and support. A coach can help workers and employers navigate the changing landscape of work by providing them with the following outcomes as a few examples to illustrate:

  1. Clarity:

A coach can help workers identify their values, strengths, interests, goals, and motivations. This can help them make informed decisions about whether to stay or leave their jobs; whether to pursue new opportunities or improve their current situation; whether to seek more balance or more challenge; etc.

  1. Confidence:

A coach can help workers develop their skills, competencies, abilities, and self-esteem. This can help them overcome fear, doubt, or insecurity; and prepare them for change, transition, or growth.

  1. Creativity:

A coach can help workers explore different possibilities, options, and solutions. This can help them generate new ideas, opportunities, or innovations; and adapt to changing circumstances, demands, or expectations.

  1. Communication:

A coach can help workers express themselves effectively, professionally, and authentically. This can help them build rapport, trust, and influence; and negotiate their needs, wants, and boundaries.

  1. Collaboration:

A coach can help workers establish positive relationships with others who share similar or complementary goals. This can help them leverage their network, resources, and support; and create synergy, alignment, and impact.

Similarly, a coach can help employers understand their employees’ needs, wants, and expectations; and create a culture, a strategy, and a system that fosters engagement, retention, and performance.

A coach can also help employers communicate effectively with their employees; provide constructive feedback; recognize achievements; offer development opportunities; support well-being; etc.

In conclusion, the world of work is undergoing rapid and profound changes that affect both workers and employers. Coaching can be a valuable tool to help both parties cope with these changes by providing clarity, confidence, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

“Coaching offers a Win-Win Solution for Organizations and Employees.”   – Coach Atip Muangsuwan

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