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Coaching Designer

By Atip Muangsuwan

What is a Coaching Designer? Coaching designer is… my own term that I use to call myself as a professional coach.

The explanation behind this term is… I usually design my coaching sessions and conversations to resonate with my clients’ needs, objectives, goals, dilemmas, and their beings. Because I don’t agree with the concept… “one size fits all.”

I’ve customized and tailor-made my coaching to match with my clients’ styles, personalities, characters, concerns, issues, problems, challenges and goals.

To be able to accomplish that, I have to read and analyze my clients for who they are and for what they bring into the coaching conversations. Simply put, I have to coach ‘the who’ and ‘the what’ for my clients.

‘Coaching the what’ is my coaching around the clients’ issues, problems, pain points, challenges, goals, strategies, options, action steps and results.

Whereas, ‘coaching the who’ is my coaching around the clients’ feelings, feelings about feelings, their perceptions such as beliefs, assumptions, values, subjective realities, thoughts, ideas, and so on. The exploration could go deeper down into the clients’ expectations, yearnings and the bottom-most; that is, their spiritual self, core, essence, life force and being.

‘Coaching the what’ is to equip my clients with tools, strategies, options, action steps to tackle their problems, challenges, dilemmas and to reach their goals. I call this process, the ‘How To’ part.

Whilst, ‘coaching the who’ process is the ‘Why’ part. People need their ‘Why’ as a strong ‘drive’ or ‘pull’ to pull them towards their goals, dreams and visions. My clients’ ‘Why’ could mean their ‘life purpose’ or ‘what they’re put on earth for’.

When I design my coaching conversations, I always design them on the spot, real time by using my own intuition and perspective wisdom that are two of my core inner strengths.