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“Anything is Possible” Mindset

By Atip Muangsuwan

“Anything is possible if rightly manned in right conditions.” Have you ever heard this profound statement?

A business-owner client asked me to coach him on his seem-impossible-to-solve dilemma. He told me that he wanted to do many more projects; however, he had only 24 hours a day in which 6 hours of them had to be spent on sleeping.  He said he couldn’t sleep less than this minimum amount; otherwise, he would have a severe migraine.

He came with the solid answer in his mind that he already did his best to figure out the solution. His solution was… he must prioritize the list of his business projects by putting some of his projects on hold even if he doesn’t want to.

However, he still was not satisfied with his “prioritization” approach. He wanted to handle many more projects simultaneously. That’s why he brought this dilemma to my coaching.

Deep in his mind, he still believed that it’s impossible to find a better solution to his dilemma. He believed he already did his best in managing his time daily.

After 15 minutes of my coaching conversation with him, he suddenly got what coaches call in the coaching term, “Aha Moment”!

One of my probing questions was… “Have you got a daily schedule?”

He replied, “I had it planned like… doing project A for 2 hours, project B for 3 hours, project C for 4 hours, lunch 1 hour, traveling time 2-3 hours, blah, blah, blah…”

Then, my aha-moment trigger question was… “Have you ever scrutinized your daily schedule by hour or even by minute if it needs to, just like the auditor scrutinizing your company’s balance sheet?

He replied, “No. I haven’t.” Then, he paused for a while and said, “Oh, I’ve just got my Aha moment!”

Then, he shared with me that he used to read a book that tells a story about the US President Barack Obama in that… while still being the US president, he could spare some of his time out of his super-busy schedule to teach his daughter with her homework and also could have dinner with his family every day.

My client said, “Those even seem more impossible to achieve than my case.”

Then, I asked about my client’s insights and key takeaways from our coaching session.

My client shared his insights and told me that he would go back and scrutinize his daily schedule, especially for those 18 hours that he’s still awake.

And my client said he strongly believes he could come up with the time to handle more projects simultaneously as he wishes.

My client asked me how I could help him see the possible solution in his dilemma when he himself could not.

I replied, “Because I’ve embodied a coaching mindset of… “Anything is possible if rightly manned in right conditions.”

As coaches, we need to have an “Anything is possible” mindset in order for us to be able to help our clients see that… “Anything is possible” for them as well.