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Meet our CEO

Coach Atip Muangsuwan

My Purpose, Passion and Mission have brought me here!

I've realized that... "I was born to become a transformational coach!"

Atip Muangsuwan

My name is Atip Muangsuwan. I'm a transformational Executive/Leadership and Celebrity Coach. I help high-level executives, leaders, business owners and celebrities to transform all dimensions of their lives better and faster and in sync with who they are and their values!

Let me share with you my personal story so that you’ll get to know me a little bit better. I was born and raised in a tiny village in Lamphun province. Lamphun is a small and slow-life province in the norther part of Thailand. My father was a primary school teacher and my mother was a housewife. I have one sister and one brother who are 14 years and 12 years older than me respectively. So, basically speaking, I was born by accident or by chance. 😊

When I was 3 years old, I was sent to the top kindergarten-to-primary school in the central city of Lamphun. However, because my academic grades were not so good, when I was 6 years old, my father decided to bring me back to study in the small public primary school located just opposite of our house.

This was the first transformation that I experienced! After changing school, my GPA was abruptly changed. I got grade A in each and every subject in all of the school levels until I completed the primary school. After I completed the primary school, I went to study in the top high school in the central city of Lamphun.

This was the second transformational experience. I ranked the 4th place out of a couple of thousand students who took the school’s admission exam. Then, in order to get admitted to Mathayom 4 level (secondary level of high school), there was another school admission exam. This time, I ranked the 1st place out of a couple of thousand students who came from all other high schools in Lamphun and also the high-ranked schools in Chiang Mai province. This was another transformational experience for me.

After graduating from high school, I went to study in the Faculty of Sciences, Chiang Mai University. I made my decision to choose Geology as my major degree in the second academic year. Choosing to study Geology brought me other transformational experiences into my life.

For example, I was the-one-and-only 4th-year student in the Geosciences department who was invited to have a job interview with the Chief geologist and Chief geophysicist of Unocal (an ex-US oil company named Unocal76). And a 5-star hotel in Chiang Mai was a venue for a private exclusive job interview. 😊

Another transformational experience was… I was invited to have the final round of job interview at the Unocal Bangkok Head Office. The extraordinary experience was… I was flying from Chiang Mai airport to Don Mueang airport in Bangkok on a business-class seat of Thai Airways International. Believe it or not! This was the first flight in my life and I was traveling on a business-class seat. I could still recall… wearing a student uniform sitting on a business-class seat. What a transformational experience for a country boy like me! It was like a magical experience! 😊  

There was another transformational experience while I was studying in the 4th year. I made my decision to enter the public speaking contest in English language organized by English Department, Chiang Mai university. In that contest, I had to compete with several English-major students whose English language skill was much better than mine.

However, guess what. The winner of this contest was… me! So, this was a big transformation for me! At that time, I could also transform the majority’s belief that said… “Geology-major students are lousy in English” into “Geology-major students can be good at English, too!” 😊

My other transformations go on and on and I’ve put them into the list called, “My Victory Log”.

Below are just a few examples listed out from my victory log.

In 2006, I could pay off the entire debts of my first house mortgage and car loan (worth 3 million baht in total) within only 4 years and became a debt-free man! (While still having a chance to enjoy at least two overseas trips a year and continually paying for AIA insurance premium over 200,000 baht per year and also own a piece of land in my hometown)

In 2012, I could buy a sporty Mercedes car worth 3 million baht in one-time cash payment in my thirties. 

In 2015, I could buy my second house worth 5 million baht without having to pay installments.

In 2017, I paid my income tax around 1.35 million baht to the Thai government. This amount of money could make you own a high-quality brand-new Japanese car to drive in Thailand.

In 2019, I bought my third house worth 14.2 million baht. I could pay off the house mortgage within only 3 years.

Another big transformational experience was my career transformation. I’ve transformed my career from an associate geologist to senior earth scientist and project manager to Exploration & Production technical manager. And now to… transformational Executive/Leadership and Celebrity Coach.

Why I transformed myself into a transformational coach? Because I’ve discovered that it’s my Life Purpose, Passion and Mission to contribute to the world in such a way! Being a coach, especially transformational coach, I can help people transform themselves in a way that resonates with their purpose, passion and mission.

And why I choose to work with Executives, Leaders, Business owners, Entrepreneurs and Celebrities? Because these people could generate more impact, more ripple effect in their organizations, societies, communities, countries and the world as a whole.    

What I do and Impact on my clients:

I help my clients get clarity on what they want and how to get there by allowing them to discover their own talent, strengths and skills.

I discover areas that are overlooked or undervalued, and then develop those areas to improve the quality and efficiency of my clients: executives, leaders, business owners and celebrities.

I do so by asking impactful and powerful questions to my clients, using inside-out approach by allowing my clients to explore, discover and maximize their own potential to achieve their goals.

As a transformational Executive/Leadership and Celebrity Coach, I help my clients discover their true potential to lead their desired lives by performing better in their professional and personal lives.

My coaching helps my clients to adopt the right mindset, navigate difficult challenges and adapt to change, which helps my clients transform their lives from where they are to where they want to be.

My coaching brings clarity which positively impacts my clients’ strategic and critical thinking, decision-making ability, communication skills, team leadership, change management, emotional intelligence, and many more. All of these factors contribute to making a positive impact on my clients, their teams, stakeholders and organizations.

What is my coaching style? I’ve always considered myself as, “a designer coach”. This is my uniqueness! I design my coaching to match with my clients’ style, personality, dilemma and goals in order to fulfill their needs, and it’s a design that takes place spontaneously while working one-on-one with my clients. Another word, “I dance with my clients.”

What are my top strengths? I’m perceived as a person who has ‘perspective wisdom’ on the world and problems. That’s why I can apply my wisdom in helping my clients see and solve their own problems from different perspectives. My ‘curiosity and interest in the world’ make me curious and interested in my clients’ dilemmas, problems and challenges in order to help them find their solutions. My strength in ‘spirituality, sense of purpose and faith’ make me believe that I was born to become a coach to make a difference to people’s lives. My ‘zest, enthusiasm and energy’ character makes me stand out as a fully-committed coach to my clients. Above all, my ‘fairness, equity and justice’ quality make me treat all of my clients fairly and equally without any judgments or prejudice. I treat each and every one of my clients with unconditional positive regards.

 My signature expertise is… “I transform my clients’ personal and professional lives as well as their organizations.”